Let the challenges begin…

Feeling down at the prospect of turning 30…I will be given a personal challenge a month until my 31st birthday! I do not know what each monthly challenge will be until the “tasksetter” informs me… the first of my twelve challenges was given to me on my 30th birthday, on the 14th August! With one month to complete each task, I am given a challenge every month. Follow me as I try to complete to the challenges ahead! more info…

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B-Movie/Mockbuster night!

I just saw the movie ‘Ghost Shark’…it had a surprisingly complex and emotional storyline but it wasn’t as good or as bad as ‘Sharknado’! Really getting into the B-movies you just never know what is going to happen unlike every Tom Cruise movies where you know he will be the heroine everytime…well, almost everytime.

Next on the mockbuster list of must sees are ‘Avalanche Shark’, ‘Sharktopus’ & ‘Snakes on a Train’! All loosely based on true stories!

I’m off to bed…

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My first Krav Maga experience!

Just home from a weekend Krav Maga ‘Self Defence’ course! I thought I knew what to expect but in reality it was quite different in terms of it being way too real and way too accurate in what happens in the real world. 25 students and 4 instructors threw themselves into it with 100% committment. It was hard, gruelling, scary, brilliant and so practical.

I always thought of myself and being streetwise and not being afraid to walk the city streets alone at night time. However, all too often the media sheds light on some poor, unfortunalte person’s experience where the evil on the streets somehow tracks them down. Though they said they hope we don’t have to ever use this, our instructors taught us what we need to do to best protect ourselves and give us our best chance of getting out of a potentially life threatening situation in order to go home to see our families again should that evil track us down.

I sit now at the laptop on Sunday evening, sore in many places, I winced in paintrying to pull down the sun visor in my car on the way home from the course. But it’s a fitful pain and I wear this pain with pride and in testiment to how far and hard our instructors pushed us in an action filled two days. They brought out something in me that may very well end up saving my life one day.

I loved the course and would recommend anyone, everyone to do it. So, thanks to Patrick, Colm, Mick and Joanne. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hello Mexico!

I’ve been asked to make a short video about the Challenges for an English language class in Mexico! Really honoured!

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World Record attempt a success!

The football attempt was accepted! I’m a double World Record holder! Loving it!

Thanks Pablo for your help!

Click here World Record Page!

With Pablo doing the soccer video!

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Second World Record Attempt submitted!

Ah the nerves! I have just submitted a possible world record attempt to Record Setters! Fingers crossed! The tenison…. :p


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Challenges 11 & 12 reports now online!

A combination of being too busy and then too lazy means I am only getting around to updating this now. But I did get both done AND on time! Read and enjoy!

Click here for Challenge 11 Report

Click here for Challenge 12 Report

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The Final Challenge!

All good things come to an end. It’s time to take it home and wrap up the challenges! One last, fitting challenge left to do is to go meet the man who inspired me to do this in the first place! So Mr. Danny Wallace I’m heading your way! Get your autograph pen ready!


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Yes Man!

Finally watching the movie version of the book “Yes Man” on RTÉ1, written by personal hero Danny Wallace…this book was the inspiriaton for the Monthly Challenges…the book is way better than the movie. #dannywallace #yesman

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Challenges not over…yet!

I thought it was all over when i completed Challenge #12 BUT The Tasksetter has issued a “Final Challenge”….all will be revealed soon…I need to update reports for Challenge #11 & #12 first!

Stay tuned!

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Challenge 9 updated…

Report for Challenge 9 is now, finally, up on the site!

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